Pavel Potužák

Member of the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Economics, Prague University of Economics and Business

Pavel Potužák's main area of research is the Austrian theory of business cycle, capital and interest. He is also interested in the neoclassical theory of economic growth, interest and in monetary theory. In his theses, he strives in the first place for merging the Austrian theory with mainstream. He obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Economics, University of Economics and Business (VŠE) in Prague. Since 2008, he has been leading VŠE's Department of Economics courses on theoretical economics, especially on advanced and intermediate macroeconomics, in English language.

Lecture: Inflation in the Czech Republic: Its causes, effects and treatment options

This lecture will present the phenomenon of inflation in a market economy. The delegates will first be introduced to its definition and its fundamental types. This will be followed by a description of its evolution in the Czech Republic. A key part will focus on the causes of today's inflation, its consequences and the possibilities of its taming.

Adrian Cummins

CEO Restaurants Association of Ireland

Adrian Cummins, is currently the Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland and is Treasurer of Hospitality Europe. He has always played active role in the Irish and international tourism industry. A Senior Executive with extensive experience in general management, financial planning, sales and marketing and preparing and managing strategic plans.  He has achieved substantial change and has managed his teams through those changes. Throughout his career Adrian has designed and implemented strategic planning, rebranding and revitalisation projects with many enterprise companies, both rural and urban. He is a former Adviser to the Government of Ireland and has worked with the Irish Farmers Association in the early 1990s.He  has highly developed business acumen and is keenly aware of the importance of implementing sound processes and procedures as the basis for managing and developing organisations.Mr Cummins sits on various state boards including the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation, Food Safety Authority Catering Forum, Irish Drinks Industry Group, National Hygiene Partnership Committee, Irish Food Service Alliance, National Tourism Strategy, and the Irish Academy for Hospitality and Tourism

Lecture:Digitalization and new trends

The restaurant sector has seen huge change over the past few years in terms of increased digitalization and trends associated with it. The movement towards booking and review platforms plus the sharing of content of food, great restaurants and gastro tourism has evolved across the world. The last two years have seen digitalization burst into gastronomy and become an integral part of restaurant services. From communicating with the customers in an online environment to implementing smart technologies in the operations, all the way down to new innovative conveniences for the customers. What can we learn from all these changes? How will the contemporary restaurant industry be changing further?

Jakub Maščuch

Building energy systems ČVUT

Jakub Maščuch Ph.D.

He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, majoring in energy engineering, where he also acquired his doctoral degree. All his professional life, he has been providing energy consultations to larger companies, heating plants, manufacturing plants, etc. At the same time, he is involved in the development of electricity and heat production technologies utilising biomass.

Lecture: Energy supply options in uncertain times

In the present situation, many companies and individuals seek solutions to secure their energy supplies while keeping the energy prices at acceptable levels. This lecture will provide a comprehensive overview of both the standard and the media-favoured methods of supplying heat and electricity. You will learn about their advantages and pitfalls along with what to look out for when implementing them. Using a typical example, we will also demonstrate a fundamental comparison of the economic parameters of each of the options.

Jaromír Pažout

Market manager Bookassist Czech Republic & Slovakia

Jaromír is one of the leading experts in online hotel strategy and distribution optimisation. As Bookassist’s Market Manager, he is responsible for Sales & PR & Marketing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Previously he worked for 10 years as Operations Manager at Bookassist, managing direct strategies for more than 300 hotels with his team. Jaromír has worked for Mandarin Oriental Hotels, PricewaterhouseCoopers and other companies, too.

Lecture: Trends and challenges to be faced by the travel industry in 2022+

It is time to reboot online strategies and to take back control over distribution right now. Hotels will never get a better chance than while undergoing an all-industry reset. What can be done to maximise the potential of direct sales? Hoteliers do understand WHY direct selling is important, the problem is HOW. Succeeding in direct sales is not just about your hotel, it is about the whole industry and about changing the traveller’s mentality.

Petr Mara

Technology Evangelist

Petr Mara is a Technology Evangelist – he clarifies the current (exponential) technologies and trends to people and companies, either through lectures, training sessions and consultations, or via his proprietary YouTube channel. He enjoys exploring and trying out everything new – from smartphones on to virtual reality, electric vehicles and Bitcoin. At the same time, he is a certified coach for Apple and he is a speaker at conferences not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe and Asia.

Lecture: Technological opportunity in a contactless future

In his lecture, Petr will attempt to look at the technological development we have come through over the recent years, as well as at how the year 2020 has accelerated this development in various areas. What technologies are enjoying the most robust boom right now and are likely to be influencing our lives (and business activities) in the next decade, and, most importantly, how should these be used in the services context? How should we get prepared for a future that cannot do without technologies and how should such a future be matched with the business activities that are based on personal contacts and customer service ?

Jan Jelínek

Founder & Creative director B&T Agency

Jan has been making up absurdities since his childhood. He has even been paid for doing so over the last 17 years, of which for 10 years he worked as a Creative Director for Czech and international advertising agencies alike. He founded the B&T advertising agency 3 years ago, which now operates throughout the region. He has added an innovation lab to it earlier this year.

Lecture: Radical creativity for the future of travel

Radical times necessitate radical ideas. Pandemics, energy crisis, war, inflation. These all have been shaping the travel industry radically at an unprecedented rate. In these extreme times, it is crucial to get to know your future customer, as the customer of the past no longer exists. Courage needs to be gathered up to adapt to the new customer's needs, not merely to survive, but to emerge as the ultimate winners.

Roman Slezáček

Senior Director of Revenue Management Four Seasons Hotel Prague

Roman is currently holding the Senior Director of Revenue Management position at the international Four Seasons Hotel in Prague, where he is also performing the Regional Coach role for the entire EMEA region. Roman has been in this role for six years now and he was also awarded the Revenue Management Hotel of the Year prize in 2017. Among his greatest assets is his ability to plan with high precision and to steadily increase the market share. During his career with the Four Seasons, he was given the opportunity to manage three hotels in London on a remote basis, where he was helping to manage their pricing strategies and RM applications in the local market for six months. Roman also gained valuable experience in the prominent Marriott hotels in Prague and Munich, where he was engaged in Revenue Management for more than 5 years. As part of his long-term practice, he is actively involved in the development of this discipline in terms of the educational activities at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University.

Lecture: Pricing strategies in a volatile environment

How should we respond to the market dynamics distinguished by ever-changing demand and how to approach our pricing strategies in such a volatile environment? What has been proved successful and what may contrarily further deepen our losses? How should we best take advantage of the current customer buying behaviours? Emerging trends as observed during the pandemic across all hotel categories.

Jaroslava Rezlerova

Managing Director ManpowerGroup CR

Jaroslava has been the Managing Director of Manpower CR since 2001. In 2012, she became Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Czech Republic, with her responsibilities encompassing those for Manpower, Experis and Talent Solutions. It was under her leadership that the company’s turnover soared from CZK 75 million to CZK 4 billion. Thanks to its network of 35 branches operated in the Czech Republic and 5 branches in Slovakia, ManpowerGroup in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is currently providing its services to 2,000 companies, supplying them with 36,000 new employees every year.

She is a founding member of the Association of Personnel Services Providers (APPS), an umbrella body associating the largest personnel and employment agencies, and has been its President since 2010. The association has been significantly contributing to enforcing amendments to labour law legislation directed at greater openness and flexibility, and it strives to facilitate conditions for the successful development of a stable labour market. She is a member of the People Management Forum’s board of directors and has been a member of the board of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic since 2018.

Lecture: Growing staff shortage and how to tackle it

Amid the digital age, technology is changing the way we work, creating new jobs that require new skills. In 41 of the 43 surveyed countries, staffing levels in corporations have been on the up, with employment levels being reported as nearly saturated in a number of markets. Companies are facing the most severe labour shortage in history. What strategies are they employing to fill their vacancies? What obstacles are they facing in cultivating their employees’ skills? Which employees are they planning to develop and in what specific ways?

Panelists on the topic: Challenges and future of hospitality and gastronomy

Ivo Lachman

director of Welness hotel Panorama Blansko

Jan Vlachynský

Co-owner of Super Panda Circus, Bar that doesn't exist, 4 rooms

Josef Bára

CEO EuroAgentur

Marek Chmátal

Business Development Director, O2 arena & O2 universum

Radek Pálka

gastro consultancy